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If you know where you are you aren't lost.

Understanding your budget increases your confidence when making financial decisions.  How much is left for savings after expenses are covered? Are fixed expenses taking too big of a bite?  Is there room in the budget for…?

A balance sheet goes hand-in-hand with a budget. It’s a good measure of your financial risk. Are too many of your assets illiquid? Can you take on a mortgage? Can you seek higher investment returns, which are inherently more risky?

We'll analyze your budget and balance sheet to identify potential financial risks such as too much debt, fixed expenses that are too high relative to income or too much emphasis on one type of asset.

Having a roadmap is as important as knowing where you are.   To that end, we can project how your finances may change over the foreseeable future.  If, for example, you're saving to purchase a home, the analysis will show how much you need to save, when you can expect to reach your goal and what your budget and balance sheet could look like at that time.

Retirement Planning

The biggest financial goal for most people is retiring with no financial worries. There is a plethora of savings plans and investment options available. We’ll help you find the combination that allows you to save the most while receiving the maximum tax benefits.

How much do you need? There’s no single number. Tribeca Financial Planning’s proprietary “Odds of Success” analysis will estimate the odds that you won’t run out of money in your lifetime. You’ll know if you’re saving enough, investing appropriately and planning to maintain a sustainable level of expenses during retirement.

Investment Planning

An investment plan will be tailored specifically for you.  Whether you want to invest and monitor the portfolio yourself or have it managed by Tribeca Financial Planning, the process starts with your current holdings and projected savings.  Next we discuss whether you're saving for a specific objective, for a rainy day, for retirement or some other purpose.  This helps establish your investment time horizon and the amount of portfolio "ups and  downs" you can accept.  This information is analyzed using our proprietary techniques to find a portfolio that balances your growth and income requirements with your volatility tolerance.

Portfolios managed by Tribeca Financial Planning are invested in a diverse mix of individual stocks, bonds and exchange traded funds using techniques developed and refined over the past 35 years.

Estate Planning

An estate plan helps protect your financial and property interests. More than just a method for efficiently transferring property to heirs, a comprehensive plan provides for someone you designate to make financial and medical decisions for you should you become incapacitated. There are a variety of techniques to accomplish these objectives. Some are simple, while others can be quite complex. Tribeca Financial Planning will find the best ones for your specific financial and personal circumstances. In cases where the recommendations need a lawyer to execute, we’ll work with your personal attorney.

Risk Assessment

You face much financial uncertainty. Are you adequately insured in light of your specific liability, property and financial risks? How much money should you set aside in an emergency fund? How well are “must pay” expenses covered by your income? Are your finances liquid enough?

We’ll analyze your budget and balance sheet to see if there are any significant financial exposures and recommend remedies if necessary. We’ll evaluate your insurable risks and current insurance policies to determine if you are fully covered.

Life insurance is a hedge against the risk that you won’t be able to fulfill long-term financial commitments. We’ll help you identify these commitments and determine how much insurance you need to fulfill them.